Support for Cotoneaster Hybrida Pendula

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Sarah Cullinan asked 13 years ago

I have just planted two Cotoneaster hybrid Pendula trees, with the high winds at the moment I need to support them, can you suggest a good support please, was thinking of an upright timber support with a rubber type hold between it and the tree, I need to make sure I do not damage the tree, is there a particular material that should be used when attaching to supports.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Cotoneaster ‘Hybrida Pendula’ is a small tree in which the top weeping part has been grafted onto a more vigorous upright stem.

A 5cm stake can be used, but make sure to tie both the weeping top and the stem tothe stake.

If the stem only is tied there is a chance that the grafted top can snap off at the point of the graft union at the top of the straight stem.

Old tights make a very good and durable tie.