Supporting a new hedge in a windy site

Alan Cowley asked 12 years ago
I recently planted a long hedge of laurel of about 7ft in height. They had been in containers before planting. The site is very windy and the trees will need to be supported. Can you suggest a way of tieing them that will not damage the tree and will not involve staking each plant individually.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Individual stakes would be best … these can be short stakes well driven and tied about 30cm or 40 cm above soil level, designed to hold the root ball steady.

You could also set up a few strong posts, the two ends with supporting stakes at a 45 degree angle and two tightened wires. The posts would need to be set at about 5 metres apart along the length of the row. Heavy wire, about 8 gauge, would need to be used and tightened off with fencing turnbuckles.

This support would be essentially a two-strand wire fence. The lower stand could be placed at about 50cm and the higher one at 1.2 metres.