Sweet potatoes

Fiona O\’Brien asked 13 years ago

Is it possible to grow sweet potatoes in Ireland? In poly tunnel or outside?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Sweet potatoes are only grown outdoors in Europe in Portugal. They grow well in any Mediterranean or sub-tropical climate.

Started off early enough in a greenhouse here they will grow well but they need lots of light and heat to develop.

The tubers are root tubers like dahlias not stem tubers like potatoes. The plant is related to convolvulus. The shop-bought tubers are not planted. Very early in the year, pot up a couple of tubers and keep them in a warm place. Wait for shoots to appear.

These are taken off and used as cuttings to raise new plants and when these are rooted they can be planted out in a greenhouse. They can be put outdoors too but the summer weather here is not good enough. They are largely pest-free.