The demise of my plum tree.

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Susan Northcote asked 16 years ago
In our mature garden we both had our “set” chores. My partner, who died last year, was the “pruner” and sadly I was too busy with “my” chores to take a whole lot of notice of his! Last year armed with the pruning book and pruners I set too (carefully) and did what I thought was quite a good job. The tree had produced the most magnificent crop. The week after I’d pruned it all the leaves fell off and it never recovered. Please tell me I didn’t kill it and that p’raps it had come to the end of its natural life!?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Plum trees occasionally die due one or other of a number of diseases. Whichever was the cause was probably already in the tree. The likelihood is that it was brown rot disease or silver leaf. Overly wet soil in winter can also cause problems.