Thick, rough lawn with lower half of stems yellow.

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Anna Gillis asked 11 years ago

I have an acre of lawn. It has been getting harder to cut it, each year I have to raise the mower as it is getting so thick and stalky. When I separate the grass to look at the stems, the bottom half of the grass is all yellow. There is quite alot of moss aswell. I plan on using sulphate of iron this year, would scarifying and then fertilizing help? I also use weedkiller on it every year for clover and daisys etc. It looks more like a field than a lawn at the moment. What would you advise to help get it nice looking again.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You have allowed a thick thatch of dead grass to develop by lifting the cutting height, and possibly by not mowing late into autumn and early in spring, even in winter.

You should cut it down hard, perhaps in two mowings, or using a more powerful mower, and do not allow it to build up again and mow more regularly.

Scarifying would help but it is a lot of work on an acre and harder mowing with give a smiliar result. Feed enough to keep it growing but not too much if it is growing well. Use sulphate of iron for moss.