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Mark Hegarty asked 13 years ago

Last year I commenced a three year rotation plan in my raised beds. The ground was not used for veg before and was covered in docks with some nettles spread between them indicating quite an acid soil. In the first year of crop rotation my kale did well, cabbage less so, and swede not good at all. So I decided to lime the brassica bed this year (the bed was used for peas and beans last year) but due to exam commitments, I’ve left it pretty late. My question is, after liming, how long must I wait before I can sow turnips and/or plant all other brassicas.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Docks and nettles grow in any soil, not just acid, so not a good indicator. You are in Dublin and the soil is naturally limy, unless you filled the beds iwth acid soil or organicn material which is acidic.

Test kits show whether lime is needed or not.

Lime is usually put on two weeks or more before sowing, cultivating it into the top layer of compost.