Topsoil Problem

Thomas O\’Brien asked 12 years ago

My garden soil is very hard, in dry weather it is like concrete hindering the growth of vegetables, my potatoes failed last year, the onions sets didnot grow in size. Tilling this is difficult even with a mechanical tiller. What can I do to make his soil gardenable as the gardening season is about to begin.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The soil probably has a lot of clay in it, which makes it heavy and wet in winter and hard and dry in summer.

You can add either or both coarse sand, which makes a permanent improvement in the texture of the soil, rotovating in a 5cm layer, or apply any kind of organic material, such as well-rotted garden compost, farmyard manure or spent muchsroom compost, which is also free of weed seeds. About 8 or 10 kilos of these materials is needed per square metre and it will need to be added every three or four years. The bst way is to do a part of the plot each year.

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