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Natasha Keogh asked 10 years ago

i have a large bed full of perennials that as they’ve grown i’ve realised are not in the correct positions i.e. taller ones in the front and colour combinations not working.. when could i take them all out and reposition them? i would also like to divide some of them while i have them out of the ground but this is not essential. many of the plants are only one or two years old.. CAN i actuallly divide them when they are still so young?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If you want to re-jig a border, you need to make plans on paper and even number the plants and work out where you want them to go. It is usually not necessary to take them all out. some are already in good positions.

An expereinced planter can see it in the mind’s eye, but planning is othewise essential. You can take out the plants to be moved in October and place them on fleece or grass and re-plant with a few days. they can be out of the ground for a week or more, but not on grass as they will cause a yellow patch.

Divide them if you wish. This can be done at any age.