Tree or shrub to plant in moist shaded garden

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merienne mason asked 12 years ago
My backgarden is southfacing and sheltered, but lower than neighbours garden so rather wet at the southern edge. High stonewall to the south, so quite shaded. I’d like to plant a small tree or large bush in the southwest corner, but don’t know what would work with the wet soil and partial shade. Would love something white flowering. “Plantfinder” didn’t find any suggestions. Would a magnolia tree work? Or a big hydrangea bush? Or what else? Would also appreciate help on when to plant and what compost to use around the tree/shrub?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There are not many trees and shrubs for wet ground … alder, willow, dogwood, swamp cypress.

It might be better to address the drainage problem, by digging out a soak-pit and mounding up the soil, or even bringing in new soil to raise the soil level and keep shrubs roots out of the wetness. Then you can plant the magnolias that you want.