Colm Murphy asked 13 years ago
Hi Gerry, I am very new to gardening so please excuse my ignorance if I ask basic questions. I have a small patio in my apartment and during the summer I started to decorate it with various plants/ shrubs. The place has come on well, however we have a problem with the corner of our patio which is very open (we are a ground floor apartment and people can see in when the come down the steps to the apartment). I have bought some trellis, painted it and fixed it to the railing. I would love to get some creepers or plants that would grow up this trellis and provide a bit of privacy on the patio. Could you suggest anything (especially something that might glow so late in the year?). We already have a potato plant (suggested to us) but this is taking forever to grow). I have attached a photo of the area that I am trying to cover. This is an old photo long before the trellis went up, but it will give you an idea of the area I am trying to cover. Many thanks

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The potato vine can fill a large space and remains almost evergreen. It just needs some time and feeding monthly from April to September. Large-leaved ivy can be good for a trellis and it is evergreen and can be trimmed if too rampant. You could also use and upright plant, such as a camellia, in a pot to move into the required position.