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Margaret Carey asked 12 years ago

It will be three weeks next Thursday since I had a turf lawn laid in my back garden. I have been watering it twice a day, however parts of it have grown better than others. Is this normal. I would also know as to when I would give it the first cut and how high should I raise the lawnmower. It’s a petrol lawnmower. I have been told that feeding and weeding should be done at the end of the summer season, please let me know if this is true.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Lawn turf takes quite quickly and often better is some places than others as the soil varies, and especially in sunny weather. But there has been quite a few showers too.

Tug gently to see if the sods are rooted and ease off the watering. Mow with the blades at medium to high.

Weeds are unlikely to be a problem in new turf. Feed in a month or so if growth is slow.