Ugly Retaining Wall

Annemarie Duddy asked 13 years ago
Could you please advise me what to do with a 20ft concrete retaining wall at the back of my garden, the top of which is the end of my neighbours garden, which is fenced, so I have no access to plant creepers. To add to my problems my garden is completely concreted (by previous owners), so no soil to grow anything!! It is driving me mad as everything is very grey and depressing. Please help.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There is not much you can do about the retaining wall but the concrete in the garden space can be removed entirely or in part, or simply have planting holes cut through it to plants some climbers such as ivy or Virginia creeper to climb the wall. 

Even one plant of this will eventually cover the wall. You could think of paving over the concrete.