vegetable garden bird pests

cornflour asked 13 years ago
I have a big problem with my vegetable garden in relation to animals. my broccoli and pea seedlings have been repeatedly attacked by pheasants and other birds. I have put up a net covering all of my vegetables but the plot needs expansion and the net will no longer cover the area. I also had plastic bottle cloches protecting them when they were smaller but they are now too big.what would you suggest I do?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The main pest of vegetables is pigeons and it is likely that these rather than pheasants are doing the damage.

 The best way is to support netting on hoops made of strong galvanized steel wire. The hoops need to be about two metres long to give the height and width you need and then place plastic or wire netting over these. You can make more if needed.