vegetable plant food

Rosarii Coleman asked 13 years ago

Is there a product which encourages root growth in young vegetable plants? Super sulphate was recommended, but can this be ussed in conjunction with other feed?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Vegetables need high levels of fertility in the soil. This can be achieved by adding rotted farmyard manure over a number of years, or more quickly by giving a feed of 70 -100grams per square metre of balanced fertilizer, such as vegetable fertilizer which is usually 7-7-7 in formulation, or 10-10-20 or 14-7-14 or 18-6-12. These all contain nitrogen(N first number), phosphorus (P second number) and potash (K third number).

There is no such thing as ‘super sulphate’, you probably meant superphosphate, which does encourage root and shoots, but vegetables need all three major nutrients in balance.