Vegetable Plot

Carmel McCleverty asked 14 years ago

I am new to your site and I am really learning a lot from it. My question is I am putting in some raised beds to grow some veg and need advice on what I should be doing to have them ready for planting in Spring and is it too late to plant winter veg ?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Raised beds have an advantage on heavy soil as they helpt ot improve drainage, but they can be quick to dry out on light soils.

Prepare a raised bed for spring by adding plenty of well-rotted organic material and good top-soil if you have it. A shake of general fertlizer can be applied before sowing in spring. 

The growing season is really over now, You could still plant some garlic cloves and broad beans in well-drained soil.

Concentrate on getting rid of weeds to have a clena slate for the start of the new growing season.