Vine Weevil

Fiona O\’Brien asked 15 years ago

I have been growing strawberries for about 12 years but have moved house 2 years ago and i have had serious problems with vine weevil. The first year i noticed the weevil i hand picked all the grubs from the pots and repotted all the plants but the crop was still poor. I have tried growing them in the Poly Tunnel but the weevil still get to the plants. I have passed some plants to my neighbours and theirs have done very well. I am left with one healthy plant! Do you have any suggestions?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Strawberries are very susceptible to vine weevil, either in the open ground or in pots, but more so in pots and worse again in a polytunnel. Your friends did not have a residual population of vine weevils to re-infest the plants.

Grow in the open soil if possible and use no peat compost. There are natural predators and parasites in the soil that affect the larvae. If there is still damage, and it is likely to be much less, you can apply Nemasys nematode control in late summer. It is expensive but works well on a small area.

You can also use this in pots but pot up in September, apply Nemasys, and do not bring in the pots to the polytunnel until January to fruit in May.