Vine weevils

Gillian Malone asked 10 years ago

I have had a hosta for years that is usually a fasbulous, full and healthy plant each year. However this year I noticed the leaves were drooping and the edges of the leaves were a yellow colour. Some of the leaves had holes eaten in them. So I spent days & evenings popping out and checking through the plant and I found 1 vine weevil in the plant. I remamber my mother having them in her garden years ago and telling me they had to be stood on to get rid of them. I have since found 2 more vine weevils beside the large pot the hosta is in. What can I do to save the hosta? And is there any other way of getting ris of the vine weevils?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Vine weevils cause damage by the larvae feeding on the roots of plants in pots. Itf there are adults around, they may lay eggs in the pots and larvae hatch.

You might want to use the Nemasys biological control, or Provado which is a chemical.

If when potting all plants in pots, indoor and outdoor, you use half to two thirds unsterilized garden and half compost, there will be few, if any, vine weevil larvae found.