Water melons -tips on how to grow?

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Rhona o sullivan asked 16 years ago

Hi 2 weeks ago sowed some water melon seed in the propagator and amazingly they have grown about 12 inches, every morning they are bigger and bigger. When should i transplant and where? have statred a vegtable garden and have space left is it in a drill or a bed i put them?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
All kinds of melon need to be grown in a greenhouse or at least a cold frame. The summer is too cold outside.

Water melon requires a long growing season and warm, sunny weather, even in a protective structure. The seeds need to be sown early, in early March, to give a full growing season. Water melons are vigorous, big plants.

They need to be watered and fed generously. Leave the greenhouse doors open for polliantion when the plant is big and has lots of flowers. At that point it migh tbe a good idea to artifially pollinate some flowers, by transferring pollen,  to ensure pollination.