Heather Hunter asked 10 years ago

We have heavy clay soil so we dug a trench about 3ft deep around the edge of the garden and replaced with topsoil. Now our soil is constantly waterlogged and it’s impossible to dig. So far we have one photinia in the soil but I can see that could fall over easily as it can’t grip the soil. Please help! Thankyou

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The problem is poor drainage and it sounds like it is draining into the place you dug out. 

Heavy soil can get very soggy if drainage is not good. Drain to a ditch or other outlet, make a herring bone pattern of land drains, back-filled with stone or gravel, to within about 30cm of the surface.

If you have no outlet, drain to a soak-pit to take the water away.

More at: https://gardenie.wpengine.com/gerrycategory/drainage/?id=5414