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Ann marie Logan asked 13 years ago

HiI’ve noticed a substance like a spiders web along the edges of the leaves on my strawberry leaves. I did get some strawberries but only a couple, and that was a while ago. No more have appeared. I’m growing the plants in my conseratory along with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Is this something that could be spread to them?One other question. When the tomatoes stop producing fruit in August, what do I do with the plant i.e do I have to keep it maintained all during the winter or do I cut it back?Keep up the good workJinks

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The webbing along the edge of the leaves sounds like res spider mite webbing, and this tiny pest can affect most greenhouse plants. It would reduce cropping and even kill plants when badly infested.

You will need to spray all plants in the greenhouse with derris, throwing out those you don’t need, including the strawberries (start with new plants).

More information on red spider mites in Know-how: Garden troubles: List of pests

 Tomato plants are normally discarded at the end of the season because they have a tendency to rot, but they can be kept as it is a short-lived perennial, but not really worth the trouble as new vigorous plants are easy to start from seeds.