Weed Barrier Fabric

Simone Hegarty asked 12 years ago

My mum got all of the grass and tarmac dug up from around her house and put down stones. She used a landscape company to do this but they did not put down a weed barrier fabric and now the weeds are growing up through the stones ,could we dig up the stones and put the weed barrier fabric down ourselves?Or is weedkiller the best thing to use i.e. Roundup? I have also been advised to use a weed killer called Gromoxone and then sprinkle Casarone G on the weeds a few days later,is this good? As I don’t really have much of a gardening background you’re help would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The weed fabric works mainly to prevent weeds in the early years but after that weeds grow on debris such as leaves that lodge between the stones. The fabric helps to stop stones sinking into the soil.

It would be a huge job to try and take up the gravel, and not much advantage for the reasons above.

Just apply a Path Weedkilller without getting it on any plants that you want to keep.