weed control fabtic

Nicholas Corcoran asked 12 years ago

I have an area in my garden that I planted some shrubs and trees in which is 19ft by 19ft. Prior to planting I cut the grass in that area down to the lowest. I would like to make this area into a rockery. I have bought a sheet of weed control fabtic which I intend laying in this area. Would it be okay to just lay this over the ground now or do I have to get rid of the grass completely? .

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Trees and shrubs grow to a good size and cast shade, so they will shad eout rockery plants. So the rockery plan is not well advised. While the fabric will benefit the trees and shrubs by keeping down weeds while they are small, when the trees and shrubs grow, they will do their own shading of weeds, better than any fabric. Remember that leaves will fall on the fabric and weeds will want to grow in the decaying leaves.

But to answer your question: you can put the fabric down on existing weeds but they might poke out at edges and joints.