Weeds on bark/ chips

Willie Browne asked 13 years ago

Having a problem with weeds on bark and on chippings, not so much coming through the bark/chips but seems to be growing on top of it. I have tackled it aggressivel through the old fashion way of pulling them and have some success. A weed that is getting difficult to control is “horsetail” and i sprinkled a little of Carason G on it. Not seeing much improvement, what can i do to tackle this weed or all other weeds?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Weed seeds blow onto bark as it rots down and makes a compost for weeds to grow on.

Bark only lasts a few years and rots away unless it is topped up. It is fine for a few years until shrubs grow and provide their own weed control.

Horse tail has come from below and Casoran will give control, applied in winter.