weeping willow

EDWARD DOWLING asked 13 years ago

i have 2 weeping willows in my front garden. 1 of them has turned all brown . is their anything i can do? eddie

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The weeping willows are probably the haystack-like Kilmarnock willow.

This is deciduous and should natrually lose its leaves in late autumn. However, if the leaves on one withered and shed naturally on the other, it is likely that the ones with withered leaves still on has died or the graft union at the top of the stem has failed.

If this is the case, the stem will sprout with vigorous upright shoots next year, but it should not be kept as this is just the rootstock.

There is a small possibility that the affected weeping branches will re-sprout but this is unlikely. However, wait until spring to see what happens.