What plants for flooded field?

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Anita Kennedy asked 14 years ago

We removed a large hill from the rear of our garden as the front garden & the septic tank was filling with rain water, and the water from the hill. So we raised the level of our garden all over with a slight fall. Since doing this the area to the left & right is quite wet which is not our garden but a field. My question is this thoughBecause the field to the left & right are now kinda flooded do I plant up our garden with boggy type plants or what? And will tree’s grow there as we are supposed to plant the boundaries with tress/hedges?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
If the ground in your garden is now raised above the surrounding areas, it should be fine to plant the normal run of trees and shrubs. The concern about wet ground really only applies to the wet areas.

It is possible that the water table might be quite high in the area but if your garden area is raised, trees and shrusb should be okay. If there are wet areas, you should use trees that like wet ground, such as alder and willow.