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geraldine donoghue asked 12 years ago

my gladioli flowers have white spots read about it said to dig bulbs and cover in fungicide powder for the winter but cant find one captan 50 do one but it should be diluted in water any ideas.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
A few different things can cause white spotting on gladiolus flowers. This can be caused by grey mould disease, viruses or thrips. Grey mould is a general pathogen that can attack gladiolus in wet weather. Cut away the flowers when spent.

Viruses can cause spotting and streaking of the flowers. Destroy the affected plants.

Thrips are tiny insects that feed on the flowers and are visible near petal bases. They normally come one year and just disappear the next.

If you lift the corms, do so in the normal way. Otherwise just leave them and give a shake of high-potash feed next spring.