Why has my peony tree so few blooms this year?

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Anne McGeough asked 11 years ago

I have a peony tree which is about 12 years old. It is about 4/5 feet tall and looks very healthy. The front of the house is near the sea but the peony is in a small walled back garden and gets the sun from about 11o’clock until 3 o’clock. Over the years, the number of blooms has increased steadily to last year when there were about twelve lovely flowers. This year there are two buds only. These look very healthy and are about to burst into bloom but there are no others in sight. Have you any idea why there are so few blooms this year? I’ve never pruned the tree, just allowed the flowers to die back and then removed the dead heads at a later stage. I usually apply a mulch of farmyard manure (shop bought) around the base in early Spring. Is there something I can do to ensure better results next year?