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leanne mc garrigle asked 13 years ago

design and plants for a wildlife pond

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
For a wildlife pond, make sure to have a deep part, say 90cm in the centre with gradual slopes at least around one side to allow safe access fro animals of all kinds.

The base needs to be covered with about 5 to 10 cms of soil, which will turn into mud, and perahps 5cms of gravel over that, and this layer needs to be allowed for when excavating.

A natural flow of water from a stream is best, but the water can be freshened by diverting roof water into the pond and allowing for an overflow, which can be used to create a boggy area beside a pond, or diverted into a sump to take the water away to a deeper level in the soil.

Plant marginal plants such as bullrushes, flowering rush and marsh marigold. Milfoil is a submerged plant. Waterlily can be planted and gives good shade for part of the water surface. The allow things to develop naturally. It takes a couple of years to settle fully.