Willow trees withering

Tammi M asked 12 years ago

We have Willow (Golden and Red flanders) planted on an exposed site in a heavy clay on a slope which are about 3 years old and have thrived to date. Recently, the leaves have started to wither and die from the top down. I saw your response re. canker in a contorted willow, but in this case, the tree is affected from the top and the lower part of the tree is still healthy. The bark is also turning brown in the affected areas (top down). We have other will planted in another part of the garden that are not affected. Is there any treatment you would recommend?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
That could be simply weather damage. Young foliage on exposed trees is easily damaged, often by branches hitting against each other in strong winds. Close inspection can ascertain this kind of physical damage as there is and element of shattering.