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kate mc cartan asked 11 years ago
Last year we moved into our new home which is located beside our farm on a fairly large site of one acre. the site can be very blustery in winter especially on the right hand side of our home which is surrounded by our field. this is also the main area that we use as its the sunniest side of the house and we have our patio there. in may this year we finally got our grass in and although its a little patchy and weedy we feel it is improving with the mowing. in the past few months we planted two gum trees three maples, a cherry blossom a blue cedar and a weeping willow. we placed them in places we feel were in good locations but as you can imagine they are lost in the big space. there is no trees planted along the border fence of the main living area of the garden, which is bordered by our field. it is sunny all day and there is alot of wind in winter. my husband doesnt want a large hedge as he still wants to see the cattle in the field… we are at a loss as what to plant to add character and also shelter?? also we have a large circular bed at the back of our home that is sunny early in the day but shaded in the evening.. what would be easy to maintain and nice here?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
A good choice, if the soil is not wet in winter, would be laurel, which can be allowed grow as tall as you want but can be cut back if necessary.

You might consider planting laurel as a windbreak with one or two breaks in the line where you can see the nearby field.

Or you could use hazel, unclipped, as a natural deciduous shelter.

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