Winter prep for outdoor plants

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merienne mason asked 11 years ago

First winter in Ireland as a garden owner…In summer I planted viburnum, olive tree and cherry blossom tree in large pots. After wrapping the plants in farmers fleece, and pots in bubble wrap, do I water them at all during winter? Is it better to keep them in dark shed or on shed porch during winter?Should I replant cherry blossom tree directly in soil now, or wait to spring?Keep lavender, dianthus, dicentra and saxifraga in their pots, or move them to raised bed for winter?Anything I can do to prepare my 6 month old clematis for winter?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
All of the plants you mentioned … except olive … are hardy in Ireland and do not need any special attention, and can be left outdoors in pots or in the open ground.

You should look up the hardiness of plants in books or online and, in Drogheda, any plant that is Zone 8 or less is hardy outdoors without protection.