wire worm

sean lynskey asked 12 years ago

It is called that around these areas, but it enters the spud and eats it way thru. It can devestate a crop in no time. Tell tale signs is a hole in the spud and its hollowed out. probaly some fancy name on it but I don-t know it. Informed that I must cease to grow in this veg plot for 5-6 years to get rid of this parasite. Any help greatfully accepted.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The hole looks a bit large for wireworm. Wireworms are hard-bodied small reddish brown larvae of the click beetle. Small slugs also tunnel out potatoes and these are usually black or brown with soft slimy bodies.

Wirewom larvae live mostly in grassland and last for three years after cultivation of grass sod in diminishing numbers.

Slugs can continue for many years, especially if manure or compost is used to feed the potatoes. If you have slugs, use only bag fertilizer and resistant varieties, such as ‘Golden Wonder’.