wisteria and planting

Irene Dunne asked 13 years ago

Hello Gerry Thank you for your time. We have recently buit a pergola and would like to plant wisteria with intention that it will cover it in time. However we have been told that the planters are too small to have wisteria they measure 36inchs x 14.5 inchs & 18.5inchs deep and built of brick. Would you think they are too small ? The pergola has 6 sets of planters and posts, if we do have the suitable size how many plants will i need to achieve complete coverage. i have sent you a photo. If its a case wisteria would not be suitable what could you recommend instead

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Containers are suitable only for a few years, the plants will never make any decent size.

If the containers have been built of brick their base is probably sitting on concrete. It might be possible to break through that base making a couple of holes about hand-width. The holes can be easily made with a hired Kango hammer. Fill up with soil/compost mix.

The wisteria can be planted and will root through the holes to the soil below, and will grow large in that case. Also you will be freed from the need to water regularly.