Wisteria – how to encourage growth?

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Frank Quinn asked 14 years ago

Hi Gerry. I planted a Wisteria with a view to it training itself up a wall, but growth seems to be very slow. How can I encourage this, and how much growth should I expect from a healthy plant?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Wisteria is a fast grower when it is happy in the conditions in which it is grown. If it is not growing well, it might be in need of some feeding, which can be any sort of plant food that you have available, as per instructions.

But lack of nutrients is not always the cause of poor growth. If the soil is too heavy or too wet for a wisteria, it will not grow well and may even die as the roots are denied air in wet ground.

Another problem can be planting too deeply … check the topmost root is not more than two centimetres below the soil surface. If it is too deeply planted, lift the plant in late autumn and re-plant, setting it a little higher.

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