wisteria not growing!

Pauline Cooney asked 12 years ago

i have a wisteria plant , bought 3years ago.it flowers every year . after the first year of flowering i trimmed back all the leader branches to encourage new branches. since then it has made no growth at all.absolutly none. it’s full of leaf and looks very healthy but there is no new growth and the plant hasn’t changed shape since i cut it back after the first season. any ideas why this has happened.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Wisteria is normally very vigorous and slow to flower but this plant is the opposite. It sounds like the roots are restricted, as can happen when it is grown in a pot or in poor soil.

It is also the case that when wisteria begins to flower, it settles into a pattern of flowering. Try feeding to increase vigour … a light scatter of general fertlizer or tree and shrub fertilizer in spring.