witch hazel

Alan Stenson asked 13 years ago

i have a witch hazel,Arnolds promise and it started off with about 5 fine branches which were full of leaves about 3 years ago. i’m now down to 2 main branches which have flowers but it doesnt strike me as being the healthiest. it is on good soil but the site is fairly exposed, though other shrubs and trees are doing very well.i was going to replace it last year.would i be as well off digging it up or giving it another year to improve

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Witch hazel likes some shelter and can grow poorly in an exposed place. It needs well-drained, iideally fairly light humusy soil, and not heavy or sticky.

If you think it is in a bad position, and you have a better place to put it, lift it when dormant and move it, making sure to plant it with the root ball a little high, slightly higher than it was.  It is likely to die where it is now in any case!