wonderberry/sunberry or Solanum burbankii

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anne parsons asked 12 years ago

I have got seeds of these plants. Are they annual or perennial? I will start them in propogator but would welcome any help with growing them and when I could expect to harvest. I have a tunnel if they need to be grown inside.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Wonderberry or sunberry are a form of huckleberry, derived from related species. It is in the same family as tomato and can be grown like tomato, sowing seeds in March, planting out at the end of May, outdoors in a warm sunny spot or in a tunnel.

It will benefit from the extra warmth of a tunnel, but be sure to have some air movement so that the flowers are pollinated. You could even gently shake them by tapping suport canes every couple of days to release pollen if there is not much air movement.