Wych elm

Stephen Carroll asked 12 years ago
I was thinking of planting about 15 or so wych elm trees along a wall in a field. I heard that they are less prone to attack by Dutch elm disease than other elms but I was still wondering if it is a good idea to plant them. Is there another type of elm that’s not prone to Dutch elm disease? If it is safe to plant them how far apart should I space them? What type of soil suits the elm?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Wych elm is less affected by Dutch elm disease but still affected, even though it persists better. There are plenty of elm trees around the country in hedgerows and woodlands but these are almost all small in size and have not yet been attacked by the disease which is carried by flying beetles. If the beetles do not find the trees, no infection takes place. Elms seem to be surviving by seed or by suckers from older trees, but practically all the big trees are gone.

Although some selections have been made that are less prone to the disease, it remains to be seen how resistant they are as mature trees.

Elms like good fertile soil, well drained, and could be planted up to twenty metres apart.