Yellow leaves on Fatsia japonica?

judy o keeffe asked 13 years ago

Please can you advise me on how to get my 6 year old Fatsia Japonica, which is planted oudoors in light shade, to shed it’s yellowing leaves and grow lush, shiny green ones as does another I have growing in a container.The soil is heavy, clay and alkaline in nature.Thid is an ongoing challange and feeding with either general fertiliser or ericacious ( ’twas worth a try!) feed has proved mediocre at best.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Fatsia does not like wet soil, its roots are starved of oxygen. Dig it up in October and replant in a better spot, or in the sameplace but on a mound of good soil about 25cm high and sloping over 1 metre that keeps most of the root system out of the worst of the wet in winter.