Yews for screening?

saldaisy asked 10 years ago
I need to hide an ugly wall where I’ve made the terrible mistake of having my plum trees cut to the ground. I was no longer able to maintain the trees as regards thinning etc. Fencing is turning out to be very expensive. Huge quotes have been offered eg. Cottage fencing being very expensive and lap fencing being cheap enough (but not so nice looking). I read elsewhere on your website that Yew trees may provide screening for an ugly wall. Am I correct? How fast and how high would they grow, would they require much looking after and how many would I need to plant in an area of 30-40 ft. wide? (depending on their spread, when they reach maturity). Could you recommend any better solution than this.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
To hide an ugly wall, it is enough to plant a few creepers, such as ivy or Virginia creeper, that creep on their own, or climbers, such as clematis, roses and potato vine, that need support. Plant a few shrubs such as hypericum or potentilla at the base of the wall to hide the lower stems of the climbers.

Planting yews as a screening hedge would work fine, but they need clipping and the climbers are more attractive.