Meadow area

Will asked 13 years ago

I have an area about half acre I am goin to trun into a Lawn Meadow with wild flowers. I notice some recommendations , before planting with wild flower seeds , to get rid of top soil to make soil less fertile bef. I plan to get a jcb in to move topoil. My qustion is how much should I remove ? 1 inch, 6 inches a foot ?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is beneficial to have low nutrient levels in soil for wildflower.

And it is sometimes advised to take off the top 10 to 15cm of topsoil, but this is a lot of soil on a half-acre, about 30 truckloads

You can also reduce nutrients by simply taking off the cut grass without fail and the nutrients go with it.

Or if you want to speed up things; you can add ground limestone at about 500grams per square metre, as the lime locks up nutrients.