Water lying on lawn

Robert Aughney asked 16 years ago

I have a drainage issue, water not draining through the ground. What I have done is drove a steel bar down 20 inches into the ground and filled up with drainage stones(about 12-14 in). I filled up with water and only drained 1 inch in 4 hours. My intention was to have these holes about 18in apart throughout the whole garden. But not sure this is going to work.The garden is 85 sq mtrs. Do you have any suggestions.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
This sounds like a soil compaction problem. What you have done does help but sometimes it is necessary to create more drainage capacity by means of a soak-away. This is a hole about 60 to 75 cm cubed, filled with big stones to almost the top and about 20cm  soil.

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