Green site advice please!

EMER QUINN asked 14 years ago

We have just cleared our house site and I am looking for some advice. We have a large garden and I want to plant some trees – the ones I am interested in are Prunus Kanzan, Japanese Acer (Palmatum), Arbutus Unedo and Cypressum Golstrum. Would there be any problems planting any of these near walls as I don’t want to encounter any problems down the line!! I intend to keep them cut to a certain height but it is the roots I am worried about. Also, can you recommend some shrubs which will grow to 5-6ft and provide some colour through the year? Any other advice on planting a new garden would be greatly appreciated!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
To plant trees in a new site make sure weeds are controlled, using Roundup if needs be.

Choosing trees depends on size. Big growers such as prunus need to be at least three metres from a garden wall and up to ten metres from a house wall.

Cutting trees at a certain height just spoils their charaacter and creaste needless work … choose smaller ones to start with. 

Choose plants at: