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Craig Kingma Staff asked 4 years ago
-Maintenance Free Colour Coated Steel Fence 
-Widest Range of Colours on the market
-Exclusive Woodgrain Effect Available
-Easy DIY Assembly & Installation
-No more annual painting, repairing loose wind damaged panels or replacing broken panels
-The fence keeps its crisp pristine sharp colour and only requires rain to keep it clean
-Strong and Secure
-Because the fence is manufactured from Steel it is extremely hard-wearing
-Provides great security compared to a wooden fence
-Standard and Off – Standard colours can be catered for
Easy DIY Assembly & Installation or leave the assembly of your purchase to our professional independent
-Retrofit your Existing Posts
-We offer custom made panels and post covers that can be fitted over your existing Concrete fence posts which enable very fast installation and fitting
-Award winning garden at Bloom garden show
-Has a superior durable abrasion 
resistant front and back colour coating.