ideas for steep slope in garden

Questionsideas for steep slope in garden
Craig Kingma Staff asked 4 years ago
We are in the middle of having our back garden done. Living in Wicklow town in an estate with a south East facing garden . Relatively sheltered but with a steep slope at the back. We are putting decking at the bottom, outside the back door with steps up to a higher level of decorative stone. Sleepers will divide here and the steep bank where we had planned to cover with decorative bark (over weed fabric) and finish with low maintenance shrubs of some kind. This bank gets a lot of run off water from the gardens above. We have had a drainage system installed at the back of the retaining wall and under the deck. I like evergreens that give some colour like the skylark .. I also like the fetterbush and acres. Perhaps we should settle with ground cover plants and make some kind of rockery instead ? I see Lidl have some lovely ground cover plants at the moment .. like vinca minor variegated among others.. we have been told by some that the bark will not stay on the slope.. would you recommend putting down a hessian mesh on top till it settles in or forget the bark mulch altogether? Any ideas would be really appreciated.