lobelia – poisonous?

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Noel O Neill asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry

I Recently bought this Lobelia ‘St Elmo’s Fire’. I have young kids and am hearing now that this could be poisonous….Is this true..thanks

I have read your answer how to get rid of moss, but I have more questions. My garden had lots of trees around it but they have been cut down, so now i need to deal with the ever growing problem of moss:


1. Do i need to areate or scarify the lawn beforehand?


2. Is it a good time to scarify the lawn now or have i left it just that bit late?


Thanks for the advice,




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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Lobelia cardinalis ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ is a beautiful border lobelia.

All kinds of lobelia have poisonous substances in the sap, which is highly unlikely to poisonous humans unless they eat the stems, but a skin irritation can arise in some people from contact with the sap.

Many garden and wild plants have poisonous substances in them, for instance, daffodils, snowdrops and foxgloves!