My 3 yr old asparagus plants are not doing great and planted very near to a wall. Is it ok to move them to another site. It’s possible they don’t get enough water and also I forgot sbout the snails.

Should i put in support’s for asparagus plant’s i just planted i think they around 2 years old, they look like they need some thing… thanks………Also what’s the proper temperature for glass house when sowing tomatoes ,chilli and peppers.. Should i used miracle grow or go for somthing more organic like nettle feed when feeding.

Should i sow asparagus with rhubarb and what kind of soil do i need.

Im about to plant Asparagus beside recently planted Rhubarb plants. As the rhubarb hasnt matured yet what spacing would i need to leave between the two rows of veg.

I have about 30 healthy Asparagus(Connovers Collosal) seedlings but I don’t have a permanent bed ready for them.The seedlings are now about 10 weeks old.Is it possible to plant them temporarily(possibly but not necessarily until next year),allow the crowns to develop and them plant them on permanently.I suppose the question I am asking is the … read more