Greenfly have managed to get into my tunnel and are going to work on my aubergine plant. I cut off two leaves that were infested, put orange peels around plant and sprayed some greenfly insecticide. The aubergine plant now appears to be wilting/dying and greenfly are popping up in other parts of the tunnel.

I have 3 aubergine plants, and although I have now had 2 fruits off them the flowers are going mouldy before they fruit you gan see small aubergines forming then they turn mouldy and drop off.

I have grown aubergines in the greenhouse they are about between 12″ to 18″ tall some have 2 or 3 fruits on them. Do i need to take off some of the top leaves and pinch the sides out? conflicting views on the internet. cucumbers i have are Fatima, what are male flowers and what … read more