Unusually for housing estate have small triangle of grass between footpath and garden wall. Not sure of ownership but trying to check with council. With advancing years have removed grass from front and back garden, leaving this as only tiny patch requiring mowing and ownership of law mower. Thinking Mypex, and trailing plants, biggest problem … read more

To the side of our front garden, we have a steep Bank sloping, (25 mtrs. in length & about 2 mtrs drop) into our garden from the adjoining property. We have had to put drainage to prevent heavy rainfall turning the area into near like waterfall conditions.many thanksCan you advise? 91We have planted 4 pampas … read more

I have a dry embankment that is covered in wild grass. It is too steep to safely strim on a regular basis. I am thinking of covering it with weed fabric and then planting some ground cover plants to take the place over. Is Cotoneaster dammerii a good plant for this. Is this also more … read more

our house was built on a field with a slope and we had to dig down the the foundations so now we have a bank at the back of the house. i am planting some vegetables this year. there is a 4ft drop from the bank down to the lawn. at the foor of the … read more

Hi GerryI have a sloping bank at the back of my house with a wet corner at one end. Can you recomend plants that are easy to maintain. I will be mulching between the plants. Are there are pictures of landscapped slopes that are mature. Sometimes it nice to see what the effect will look … read more

how does one correct a slope towards the house on a large garden>

GerryI have a garden on a slope front to back. if you check my profile, i have some photo’s to show the extent of the slope. the garden is 5 years old, Not much done to it but have this with my veg plot. Also my son uses a walker sometimes wheelchair. i looking for … read more