Just wondering what could have eaten my beetroots? Surely it couldn’t have been done by slugs and I don’t see any rabbits or hares around.You might enlighten me. They were taken out of the ground in November with all this damage.

my beetroot are all leaves and very little bulb.can you help please?

I harvested my little crop of beetroot the other day. I left about 3-4 cms of stalk and the roots intact, washed and boiled gently for about 2.5 hours. After cooling, I peeled gently with my fingers before going to slice and pickle them. However half of them are soft and perfect and half of … read more

I have sown 2 rows of beetroot seed in a raised bed and found it alarming that half of them disappeared overnight. Then I saw a few (arghh!) woodlice in the bed. How do I get rid of them?

This beetroot survived the extreme frosts and has grown very well with mostly top leaves and the beetroot under ground is NOT maturing. I am feeding once a week with tomatoe feed. for the past 4 weeks. will i continue in this fashion or clear them all out as a lost cause.

I was given beetroot plants last october which i planted in my polytunnel. They have overwintered ok, and are growing. Will they produce beets this year, or should I take them out and plant new seedlings now?